CarPlay Decoder Manual For AUDI

 CarPlay Decoder Manual For AUDI 

Product Parameters

  • Working Voltage: 10~25v
  • Working Current: <1A
  • Working Temperature: -20~80°C
  • Product Parameters: 130*105*30Mm
  • Video Output: LVDS Digital Signal
  • Power Output: 5V/1
  • Wireless Frequency: 5.8Ghz (Wireless Version)


 Installation Method (Wireless Version) 

  • Using The Original Car Microphone Non-Destructive Docking, Free Of Broken Lines Free Screen Installation (Transfer Screen Line At The Car End)Support For Installing Reversing Images, 360 Panorama, Front View Video Input 

Note: Please Mount The Antenna On The Back Of The Center Control And Ensure That There Is No Metal Barrier Between The Position And The Cab. 


 DIP switch setting manual


 Use Connection 

 Enter The System 

Entry Method:
(If You Do Not Have This Button, Choose Another Entry Method.)

  • Under The Original Car System Interface, Toggle Down For 3 Seconds To Enter The System.
  • For The Original Car With Navigation, Long Press And Hold The "Nav" Button For 3 Seconds To Enter The System.

Note: Use This Product To Switch The Original Car Audio Sou-rce To Aux (External Audio Input) , And Disconnect The Bluetooth Connection From Your Phone.



 Button Key Description  

  • 1. Press It For Confirm Command.
  • 2. Voice Button: Short Press The Original Car Voice Response System, Press And Hold For 3 Seconds To Start CarPlay-Siri, Or Carlife Voice Assistant.
  • 3. Press And Hold The Original Car Interface For 3 Seconds To Switch CarPlay, Press Repeatedly To Switch Back.


  • 1. Volume Button, Short Press Mute, Press Down On Both SidVolume Button, Short Press Mute, Press Down On Both Sid.
  • 2. Menu Button, Short Press To Return To The Main CarPlay Interface, Long Press For 5 Seconds To Restore The Factory Settings.
  • 3. Back Button, Short Press To Return To The Previous Menu.
  • 4. Knob Key, The Same Knob Definition As The Original Car.
  • 5. Four-Way Button, According To The Original Car Definition, Press Down To Confirm.
  • 6. Long Press For 3 Seconds To Switch To CarPlay.
  • 7. When CarPlay Is Connected, You Need To Manually Select The Sound To Select Aux Mode.

NOTE:  Note: The following buttons may be used to switch to the CarPlay system: NAV, Media, Menu, Info.

The above functions may be different in some models; In order to confirm the connection is stable, please be sure to use the original mobile phone data cable.


 Q3 Cable Installation Instruction


 Q3 Cable Installation Instruction


Q5 Flat Cable Installation For Low Configuration Car Models

09-17 Original Car Without MINI Q5

09-15 Original Car Without MINI A4 A5 S5 


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