CarPlay decoder Common issues

Question: After installation, will it still stay in the original car system?
Answer: Please press the switch button to enter the device system interface (switch button, please check press button instruction )

Question: Why it goes Black/Dark Screen after switching the system interface?
Answer:1. Please check whether the dial code of the box is correct (please draw the code according to the model, year and screen size of your car, refer to the body code description form)

2. Please check whether the wire transfer connection is correct ( Please confirm whether the LVDS screen cable is connected to the main unit, or connected to the screen, please check the corresponding model wiring diagram)

Question: Why is the cable dropped when i connect my phone to the cable? Or jump back to the original car screen?
A: Please check the USB cable. Make sure the phone data cable is original. Or passed MFI Certification.

Question: Why can't i connect with a wireless connection?

1.if the phone has come out of the device bluetooth signal, but there is no response on the car screen. Please manually click connect the bluetooth signal on your phone, then the device bluetooth signal will appear on the car screen, and after about 3 seconds, the left corner of the car screen will come out the carplay icon. It will enter the carplay system.

2.After clicking on the connection. If the phone is still not connected to the screen. Please choose the "Ignore this device" Option for this bluetooth signal on the mobile phone , and then also delete the phone bluetooth information in the device list on the car screen. Finally, restart your device and phone again and reconnect again.

Question: Why it has no sound when playing music?
Answer: Please select the audio source on the aux menu under the original car system and then enter the device system interface.

Question: Why can't the other party hear me when I original phone call?

1. Does the original car have a microphone (please install a microphone if the car does not have a microphone, and please check the microphone plug pin for the later installed microphone)

2. On the device dialing table, there are dial switch code for the original car microphone and the later installed microphone. Please confirm with it.

3. Please confirm that Bluetooth has turn off under the original car system.

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